PetSafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence Review

As a responsible dog owner, you have the duty to provide both freedom and security to your pup. You need to understand that while you want your dog to be free from any sort of dangers at all times, you should also be allowing it to run and play around freely within your yard. This enhances the abilities and unlocks the potentials of the dog. You do not have to worry about your dog’s safety anymore. Whether your pet is at play or rest, you can still ensure that it will be in its safest environment.

Thanks to PetSafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence Yes. This dog fence system has everything you need to make sure that your pet will never be put to any danger as it play around your area or even simply rest under the shed of a tree. Here are some of the reasons for you to get this product:

No cables at all

Wires have been a constant inclusion in most dog fence systems. A lot of electric dog barrier owners, however, find dog fences that use cable installations unwise. This is highly attributed to the fact that cables have less reliability. Over time, wire insulations get deteriorated, and therefore, the electric and signalling system of the fence get affected as well. As the wires incurs greater damages, the overall performance of the dog fence system gets poorer. As a result, you are no longer sure is your dog fence is still reliable. And no to mention the annoying entangling of cables everytime your pup accidentally crosses over them. These will never happen if you are using PetSafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence.

Obviously, you will never install any sort of wires or cable with this dog fence technology. This fence is equipped with a powerful wireless signalling system that allows you to track and keep in touch of your pet’s locations within the barriers. You do not have to experience all the hassles that dog fence cables bring.

Complete Kit

Everything you need that could help keeping your dog within a safe environment is provided by Petsafe. These include the following:

  • A transmitter that covers up to ¾ acre in diameter
  • Rechargeable collar (1)
  • A charging adapter that charger up to two collars at the same time
  • Long and short probes
  • Probe wrench
  • Training flags (50)
  • Training and dog fence installation manuals
  • A tool for light testing

All these state-of-the-art PetSafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence tools and materials that you will find included in the kit will surely make things a lot easier for you and your pup.

Favourable warranty treat

This dog fence system offers the so-called limited lifetime warranty. This only means that within the initial year, you will be provided with a full repair as well as price repair sets for a lifetime. You will never be provided with these incredible warranty treats by any other competitors.

Contact your PetSafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence provider and reap all the benefits that this product will give you and your beloved pet.