Perimeter Ultra PCC200 In-Ground Fence Review

Modern technologies have developed an electronic system designed to keep the pet or other domestic animal within a particular place or set of boundaries without the use of a physical barrier. The Perimeter Ultra PCC200 in-ground Fence is a helpful system which is rich in features and has specialized options that no other invisible dog fence system can offer.

It is an electric dog fence that is in-ground. This system focuses on the safety and adjustability in the art of in-ground fencing system. Perimeter Ultra is the highest quality dog fence system by its basic system features and all professional modified accessories and additional electronic features.

Product Features

The Perimeter Ultra PCC200 In-Ground Fence, has the following features:

Collar Features

Small and Light weight

The Perimeter Ultra PCC200 has a collar with the smallest and the lightest in the industry. It weighs in at only 1.4 ounces which is suitable for dogs with 8 lbs.

Digital Frequency Encoding

It is a handy feature which eliminates stray signal interference from other signal generated devices.

Individual correction settings

The Perimeter Ultra collars have 4 unique correction level settings and 1 progressive setting. It automatically increases as the dog continues to the boundary line. It offers the ability to control the stimulation settings for each dog. Perimeter Ultra Fence system gives you the ability to custom program to match the dogs temperament.

Battery check

Perimeter Ultra system monitors the status of the battery. It activates automatically every two hours in order to know that your battery is getting low or when your dog fence needs a new battery. Perimeter systems save time and money by requiring 3 sequential low battery activates to set off the low battery indication.

Comfort contacts

The system uses a unique comfort contact points made up of conductive rubber to increase the comfort of your dog. This comfort contact points system is suitable for dog’s sensitive skin.

Exceptional waterproofing

This feature is really perfect for rainy or wet climates, or even on yards with ponds or lakes.

Transmitter Features

Adjustable Boundary Zone

In this system you can make precise adjustments on its boundary zone and the system is capable of returning to past settings.

Multiple frequencies

This feature secures that your dog fence will not be interrupted or detect other signal emitting devices around.

Temperature check

This Patented Temperature check feature allows the system to continuously provide constant operation regardless of the temperature. It automatically sense and regulate for the temperature.

Wire check

By checking the wire input and output, the transmitter will be able to continue to function even with damage to the boundary wire. But, a complete break will activate the wire break alarm.

This system is considered as safer than other dog fence and since this is electric pet fence augmented with high features, every pet owner can make sure of the high performance dog training. Dog owners must have this system in order to contain their pets within their fence.