Invisible Dog Fence® Reviews

Perhaps you have heard of an invisible dog fence®. You may be wondering, how does an invisible dog fence® work?

An invisible dog fence® is created with 3 key components: the transmitter, the dog collar and the dog fence wire. This wire acts as the pet fence and is used to define the boundaries of your yard, where you want your dog to stay within. The transmitter emits a radio frequency to communicate with the wire. Your dog wears a special collar that picks up on this radio frequency as well. The collar has two metal contact points attached to it that touch the dog’s neck.

When your dog gets close to the wire that is buried underneath the ground, the invisible electric dog fence® sets off a tone and a vibration on the dog’s collar. Should he continue to go further, he will receive a mild static shock. Along with the boundary flags that serve as visual markers, this process helps your dog learn where he can and cannot go.

Invisible Dog Fence® Wireless

If you don’t like the idea of having to bury a wire, an invisible dog fence® wireless may be right for you. Instead of a radio signal communicating with a wire, the transmitter emits a wireless frequency, in the shape of a circle. This type of DIY invisible dog fence® is effortless to install as all that you need is to plug it in and set the size of the containment circle.

However, an invisible dog fence® wireless will not work for every home. This is because it has some limitations. You cannot have aluminum or stucco on your home. You also can’t have any dense trees, heavy landscaping or sloping on your property. All of these things will cause interference with the signal. In addition to this, a circular boundary won’t work for every type of yard.


An invisible dog fence cost is much cheaper than you might expect. When you have this type of DIY invisible dog fence®, you are saving big money over systems that others install for you. Whether you choose a wired or a wireless system, they cost about the same amount of money. Invisible dog fence® installation isn’t as difficult as you may think. You just need to physically bury the wire around the perimeter of the yard and connect it to the transmitter.

Reading Invisible Dog Fence® Reviews will give you a better idea of which brand offers what you need, such as a fence to cover a larger area or accommodate several dogs. If you check out wireless invisible dog fence reviews, you can see which one is rated as having the best signal strength and coverage area.